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talapatraHiranyagarbha E-Manthan

(Rethinking Sustainable Development –Eastern Perspectives)

Aano bhadrah kratavo yantu vishvatah | (Rig Veda I-89-1)

“Let noble thoughts come from all directions”




Genesis of the project :

We salute to the vast knowledge of great Sages who have inspired us to work on this project

Mother earth expects us to respect the cosmic laws that are governing this universe. We are only a tiny particle in this vast creation. Though we are a tiny particle we are still part of the whole, which gives us tremendous responsibility and ability to develop a sustainable world. The existing development approaches have taken a lot from the earth but what we have given back to the earth are negligible inputs. Unless we develop sustainable development strategies respecting cosmic laws that are governing this universe, we may leave this earth unfit for living for our future generations.

There exists eastern knowledge and wisdom on sustainable development, which is built in tune with cosmic laws. The eastern knowledge of sustainable development is very different from the existing models of development where man is in the centre and thinks everything in nature is created for his/her use.

Unfortunately, vast amount of knowledge in the eastern world is not accessible because either they are lost or in ancient languages. Sages/saints involved in research and development are not accessible to policy planners;and knowledge is stored on palm leaves or stones and not digitized etc. which has made it difficult to access. There is no common forum for sharing and building the knowledge network leading to sustainable development policies. The ancient knowledge available in science and technology, sustainable environment, energy management, water conservation, soil conservation, solar energy, disability prevention and rehabilitation, health, and education sectors need documentation and research to validate its efficacy to find solutions to the contemporary needs and challenges. The proposed project is to build links between ancient treasure of knowledge to address the contemporary needs and challenges.

This needs knowledge creation and knowledge sharing.

Hiranyagarbha E-Manthan (HEM) aims to build a platform for knowledge sharing and knowledge building to address the challenges we face in the world today.HEM aims to identify and share sustainable inclusive development models based on social responsibility and accountability to mother nature. HEM welcomes brainstorming of ideas and suggestions on modern approaches to development combined with the knowledge, information, science and technology available in the ancient civilizations to find solutions to our contemporary challenges.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are the world’s time-bound and quantified targets addressing extreme poverty in its many dimensions – income, hunger, disease, lack of adequate shelter, and exclusion – while promoting gender equality, education and environmental sustainability. These are also basic human rights.

The important question before us is whether the existing models of development, which uses the natural resources to a point of, total elimination/destruction can lead to sustainable inclusive development? Do we have answers from our ancient knowledge on alternative sustainable models of development? Are they accessible? Do they work in the changing times?

Hiranyagarbha E-Manthan aims to discuss, debate, churn on these issues. The outcomes of churning are not known. We are taking small steps and exploring new solutions to the challenges of our planet.

We appeal to all researchers on ancient knowledge to address the contemporarychallenges to share their knowledge on HEM website.We also invite people who are concerned about sustainable inclusive development to join our online debates.

Finally we wish thank our ancient and contemporary knowledge building gurus who have inspired us to take up this initiative.

Thank you.We look forward to your active support.

Indumathi Rao


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